Laser Tag Arena

Battle in out in our 3,600sq.ft. Laser Tag Arena where up to 30 participants can play to see who can get the highest score. Illuminated by 72 black lights, our laser tag arena gets even better with a bass-pounding surround sound system that amps up the intensity level even more. Rent out our laser tag arena for private use and choose from 7 different game scenarios that feature customizable settings such as number of player lives, ammo, game length, etc...

Groups of 8 or more get 20% off single Laser Tag game prices.

Watch Delta Strike Laser Tag Tutorial Video


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there an age limit for your Laser Tag? Is it suitable for small children? +

    There is no age limit for our Laser Tag Arena. Kids as little as age 3 and 4 have been able to fit on the laser tag vests and they love the action our Laser Tag Arena offers.
  • How long is a Laser Tag game? +

    One Laser Tag game is 10 minutes long.
  • How many people can play at once? Can me and my friends split into teams? +

    Up to 20 people can play at once. We can split people into 4 teams.
  • Does the rock music playing in your Laser Tag Arena have clean lyrics? +

    Absolutely! We've chosen rock songs that have a positive message yet still get your adrenaline level racing!
  • I have a small child, can I bring them in with me even though they're not playing? +

  • 1