Rock Climbing Wall

Challenge yourself on our 24-foot tall rock climbing wall with 6 climbing stations! The climbing routes vary per station and range anywhere from a Beginner's route (for first time climbers) to a challenging Expert's route (for advanced climbers). If you would prefer to climb longer ask about our extended pricing.

The beginner auto belay routes (x3) offer an easy climbing layout designed for kids and first time climbers. These routes feature large hand grips spaced close together for an easy climbing experience.The expert auto belay routes (x2) offer a hard climbing layout designed for advanced climbers. These routes feature smaller hand grips spaced further apart for a difficult climbing experience. In addition, the wall tilts outwards creating a tricky overhang. We also have a manual belay route setup for the traditional climbing experience where two people are needed (a climber and a belayer).


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is your rock climbing wall safe? +

    Absolutely. We have the latest safety gear and state-of-the-art auto belay systems that automatically control a climber's rate of decent. The floor in front of the rock wall is padded with high density foam allowing for a soft transition from the rock wall to the floor.
  • How old do you have to be to climb? Are there any weight restrictions? +

    We do not require a certain age although the climber must be able to fit properly into the harness. We do require a minimum weight of 40lbs and a maximum weight limit of 250lbs. Our staff is required to weigh any climber whose weight is in question. You should not climb if you have any health concerns.
  • I'm already a member; do I have to sign another waiver? +

    Yes. We've updated our Safety Waivers to include the Rock Climbing Wall. Everyone, regardless of whether they are climbing, racing, playing mini-golf, playing laser tag, or using the batting cages will have to sign our new Safety Waivers. Previous customers will also have to sign this new Safety Waiver as well.
  • Can I bring my own climbing equipment? +

    Yes, as long as your equipment is current and approved by our staff.
  • Can I do a "fulcrum"? You know... The thing Tom Cruise does when he jumps off that skyscraper in Mission Impossible III? +

  • 1