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Group Challenge or Family Fun

Decipher escape room experiences offer exciting new environments to escape room enthusiasts and novices alike. We have developed high intensity challenges that offer a mental escape from reality. Escape rooms are a great way to socialize with your friends and meet new people, and the satisfaction of solving problems will keep you coming back! Decipher Escape Room Experiences were designed by NASA engineers to provide you a top quality experience and give everyone a great adventure!

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The Escape Rooms

Decipher Escape offers four unique escape room experiences of varying difficulties. From inner city police puzzles to apocolyptic mysteries, all rooms are difficulty configurable via the Game Master. Which will you pick?

bomb squad escape room

Bomb Squad

Squad! The police have found a suspicious looking suitcase in the city! We need your assistance in checking it out! Work with the chief and your team to identify and eliminate any threats to the area! Teamwork is what this is going to take! Only by working together are you going to have the brain power and the reach to solve these puzzles! Can your team handle the challenge?

The Bomb Squad escape room experience is perfect for teams who are new to the escape room format. Bomb Squad is an all ages attraction too! Any group with players younger than 16 must be supervised by an adult.

zombie escape escape room

Zombie Escape

Outpost 9182B had been sending strange reports, and now we've lost contact with them all together. Dr Marcella, the lead researcher in the field, has been studying a strange virus that was uncovered inside a meteorite found near the outpost. When the strain was first found, she was skeptical that the team would find it to be anything beyond another strain of the flu. But the research found the virus to have many unearthly like properties, most notably re-animating dead tissue! The implications of such a capability are staggering, so the research was intensified, but only a few short days later all contact was lost!

The brass want to send in a crack team to investigate: That's YOU!!! We need you to pull Dr Marcella out of danger! And the Research! Don't forget the Research!

mystery escape room

Mystery of the Color Blind Killer

Open Now!

Details coming soon

artificial intelligence escape room

Artificial Intelligence

Open Now!

Details coming soon

outbreak escape room


Coming Soon

Booking & Reservations

Smaller groups may be combined with others. Plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to your start time. All participants will need to complete a safety waiver, check in, and pay the balance before beginning. Please be aware that if your party arrives after your scheduled booking time begins, you will have the remaining time booked initially to play, time does not extend beyond the original booking date and refunds will not be issued for lost time. Book an Escape Room Now by clicking the link below!

The Booking requires a 50% deposit and deposits are non-refundable if your booking is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.

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