Virtual Reality
Transport to a Different Reality

VR Gaming

Grab your controllers and headset to enter a different reality! We have a variety of games to choose from. Whether you're working as a team or battling against each other, you're sure to have a blast!

  • Age Requirement: 12+
  • 10 minute game

Multiple games to choose from! Check out all the games we offer below!









Our Games

Cops vs Robbers

Play the classic game of Cops vs Robbers with a twist! Join as a cop or a robber in a shoot out at the bank.
Genre: PvP
Players: 1-4
  • Crawl spaces
  • Interactable environment
  • Shattering Glass
  • Intense shootouts!





Quantum Arena

Team up or go into a head-to-head free-for-all in a futuristic tournament with your friends! Watch out for other dangers as you battle!
Genre: PvP
Players: 1-4
  • High-energy PvP action
  • Traps
  • Interactive levels
  • Bouncing bullets!





Dead Ahead

The apocolypse is here! Team up with your friends to fight the undead as they come in waves.
Genre: Zombie Shooter
Players: 1-6
  • Shooting zombies
  • Heart pounding action
  • Repair your barricades
  • Stay alive!







Protect the sacred tree and bring peace to the fairy realm as you battle with orcs, goblins, and a menacing dragon!
Genre: Fantasy Archery
Players: 1-6
  • Family-friendly archery game
  • Cooperative adventure
  • Destroy the attacking army
  • Immerse yourself in a fantasy world!






Work with your team to dodge lasers, bullets, and firewalls while battling a computer virus that has taken over the system!
Genre: Retro arcade Shooter
Players: 1-6
  • Dynamic and action packed gameplay
  • Put your reflexes to the test
  • Go for the highest score
  • Dodge, shoot, destroy!





Cook'd Up

You and your fellow chefs must work together to make as many burgers as you can for hungry customers. Do you have what it takes to keep the crowd satisfied?
Genre: Food Prepping
Players: 2-4
  • Family-friendly team-building game
  • Prepare customer orders
  • The longer the game, the more complicated the recipe
  • Flip as many burger as you can!





Escape Quest: Espionage Express

Work with your team of agents against Professor Montegomery in an escape room style mystery experience.
Genre: Escape Room
Players: 2-6
  • Team-building game
  • Find clues and solve problems
  • Race against time
  • Escape the hacked train and chase Dr. Montegomery!