Birthday Party Packages
Highly Customizable Party Packages

Planning A Party?

We'll make it easy for you! Our birthday party packages are priced for up to 8 participants although you can add more if you want. Have other guests coming that are not part of the party? We offer special discounted rates for non-participants so they can have fun too!
Questions? Ready to book? Call one of our party coordinators at: (704) 799 - 3470


Pary Rooms

Among other things, our Party Packages come with a private party room capable of holding 16 people. Click the image to view our party room.
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Pizza & Drinks

Our party package comes with two 16-inch, 1-topping, Papa Johns Pizzas and two 2-Liter Sodas. We also have a refrigerator for storing your cake.

Step #1: Choose A Birthday Party Package

A party is comprised of the Base Cost (150.00) + 2 Activities minimum

Package Features

Designed for Maximum of 8 Party Participants
  • Party Host/Hostess
  • Private Party Room
  • 8 arcade game cards with 100 credits on each
  • Two 16" One Topping Papa Johns Pizzas
  • Two 2-Liters of Soda
  • All Paper Products
  • 1 souvenir kart tire 
  • Downloadable Party Invitations

Activities: Choose 2

Activity Party Package Prices
  • Youth Racing (8-15): ----- 80.00
  • Adult Racing (16+): ----- 120.00
  • Bomb Squad (6+): --------- 80.00
  • Laser Tag: --------------- 50.00
  • Peanut Track: ------------ 50.00
  • Black Light Mini Golf: --- 50.00
  • Spin Zone Bumper Cars: --- 40.00
  • Lazer Frenzy-------------- 40.00
  • Arcade: ------------------ 40.00

Disclaimer: 50% non-refundable deposit required to reserve time slot for party.


.:: Safety Waivers ::.

Safety waiver are required for all party guest participating in the activities. Any guest under the age of 16 will need to have a parent or legal guardian sign their waiver.

Adult Waiver (ages 16+)   Youth Waiver (ages 1-15)

.:: Party Invitations ::.

Party invitations can be downloaded.  Click below to download and print off the invitations yourself.

Party Invitation (PDF)


Step #2: Add Extra Party Options (optional)

This is the table for extra amenities and activities. Primarily useful if your guest list exceeds 8 participants or if adults want in on the activity action.

Extra Party Options Price
Extra Arcade game card with 100 credits  $5.00
Extra Two 2-Liters of Soda $3.00
Extra Papa John's 16" 1 Topping Pizza $18.75
Extra Papa John's "Specialty Pizza" $23.00
Go-Kart Tire (signed by guests) $5.00
Additional Youth Races $10.00 per person
Additional Adult Races $15.00 per person
Trophies and Medals Call Us
Pricing for Extra Options for Party Packages

Step #3: Give Us A Call

Give us a call at (704) 799 - 3470. Our party coordinators can answer any questions you may have and further customize your party if you wish. They'll also let you know the date and time slots we have available. We totally understand if you're not ready to book the party just yet. There's no hassle to book anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How soon in advance do I need to book a party? >

    We can make arrangements with shorter notice, but for the best availability we ask that you call at least one week in advance to book a party.
  • What if I need to cancel or re-schedule? >

    We require a 50% deposit at the time of booking to reserve your date and time. The deposit is non-refundable, but you may reschedule your party with at least 48 hours advance notice and provided we have spots available.
  • What if some of the party participants are youth and adult? >

    You may have a mix of youth and adults in your party. Please keep in mind that youth and adults are not on the track at the same time (this is for insurance and safety purposes), but may participate in the other activities together. Prices differ between adults and youth, so please contact one of our party planners for specific costs.
  • If I'm booking a party can I bring outside food? >

    As long as you have booked a party with us, you may bring outside food into the party room. If you have not booked a package or room ahead of time, we ask that you do NOT bring outside food or drink into the facility.
  • Do you guys provide cake and party décor? >

    The rooms are racing themed, but we do not provide any additional décor. You may provide your own balloons, goodie bags, etc., if you wish. Birthday cake is not included in the packages, but you are welcome to bring your own. We have freezer and refrigerator space available to store it until you're ready to serve. Please ask your party planner for details.
  • Ahhhhh!!! Totally forgot my kid's party is tomorrow! Can you help?! >

    Give us a call! We can work with you to find a package and time that will fit your budget and schedule. Our party planners will do everything they can to make a memorable experience for you!
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